It's the end of the summer vacation and a terrible thing has happened: Sophie's cuddle stuffed rabbit, Felix, has disappeared at the airport. This is very, very sad because Sophie and Felix were inseparable. But when school starts again, suddenly a letter for Sophie arrives from London - a letter from Felix! It is only the first of many letters, that the beloved rabbit sends from faraway places. More come from Paris, Rome, Cairo, a safari in Kenya and from New York. In them Felix describes all the places and people he visits. Real letters are included in six stamped envelopes and a set of six travel stickers are enclosed to commemorate this unusual world tour.
This book has been voted "Valuable Educational Book" by the German Association for Children's and Social Studies.
Along with the book we offer the original stuffed rabbit "Felix" and an adorable Felix Fashion Pin.
Letters from Felix   Annette Langen Ill. by Constanza Droop        #974021     $16.95 Original Felix  16" tall ( The smaller Felix is currently not available )    #971019 $39.95
Felix Fashion Pin, 3"   #974023       $7.50
Felix Muff                     #972028        $45.50