Hello, I am Pippo the dachshund. And this is the story my twolegged family and myself. They are a little bit funny. They don't play with sticks, they don't enjoy bones and can't even bark. But nonetheless, we are great friends, because a long time ago they saved my life.
To find out why grandpa hides behind those crinkling papers, and why I love birthday parties so much, come along and look me up in my book.
Along with the book we offer the most adorable purse in Pippo's shape and a cute little pencil holder. 
Pippo, A little dog finds a home            #972026    $12.95
Pippo Purse                                           #962018     $34.95             
Pippo Pencil Holder                              #961011     $19.95
A portion of the royalties from the sales of this book is being donated to The Humane Society of The United States