The somewhat interesting story of Kindershop :

When I was born and raised in Germany some 30 odd years ago, there were a lot of lovely wooden toys around. My parents motto was always " Better less and quality than lots of Junk" My siblings and I played creative fantasy games for hours with our puppets, dollhouse, stuffed animals and wooden train set. As I grew up, a lot of these toys disappeared. They were replaced by plastic toys, that don't emphasis as much on the child's creativity in play, as much as an exact duplicate of the adult world and commerce. The old fashioned toys, were no longer available.
Luckily just about the time when I was expecting my son, parents were asking for the wooden toys of their youth again and now Germany has a great many stores, that sell nothing but the high quality toys, that develop a child's creativity and independence through play.
When my son was born, I received a lot of presents from my German friends and family. I also went over there and did what I do best, I shopped for my firstborn. Coming back to the USA people asked me all the time, where I had gotten Joshua's rattle's, push toys and so on. The reaction to my answer, was always the same, "Oh, of course. We don't get those kind of toys here."
My friend Carry was the one, instilling the idea of bringing them to the USA. She kept saying," You should import these products. Parents like them and it be great for American kids to have access to these beautiful crafted toys ".
So here I am about a few years later offering the best of the European Toy Industry to the American youth, via my company Kindershop on the Internet. I hope you enjoy our still somewhat limited collection of products as much as I do. As we grow, we will be continuously expanding our product line. Should you be interested in any specific item, please don't hesitate to call or e-mail, since I can get a lot of products on a special-order basis for you.

Thank you so much for your interest,

Andrea Cichosz