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Electromotive (EMD) 16-645-E4B Engine

Very Low Hours

Standby Power Unit at Nuclear Plant


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Electro-Motive Diesel Engine - EMD 16-645-4B              

Brake HP - 3070 RPM - 900 

Bore and Stroke in inches - 9-1/16 X 10 

*The engine is no longer on the skid and the skid has been scrapped. The Accessory rack has been sold and may or may not be available.


The engine was a standby unit at a Nuclear power plant. It never ran, except on the Dyno at the factory before shipping in 1980. At the power plant it was only used for training. It has been completely inspected and dyno tested. The engine  is still at the stage we could offer it as a rail engine or Generator, (we would need to know part number / model number of the governor.) It could be converted from mechanical to electronic fuel injection at an additional cost. Contains a ABS certified crankshaft.

Piston displacement - 645/Cylinder Piston speed at Rated speed, fpm - 1500 Fuel Consumption, 

gph based on API No. 28 fuel at 4750kw - 337 @ 4400kw - 313 @ no load - 34.3 @ 900 RPM 

System oil capacity - 400 Gallons Volume of combustion air at rated load, cfm 9040 

Engine Type - Turbocharged with aftercooler  


Part/Model #: L16-645-E4B  Ser# 80H1-1036   YR MODEL: 1980

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