Replacement Parts for :  Pielstick ? GMT Fiat ? Cooper ? Enterprise ? Alco ? Superior ? Fairbanks ?


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                         Current Reciprocating Compressor Parts

Ajax    80     115     180
Caterpillar    399     3500     3600     G399     G3500     G3600
Clark    BA     HBA     HBAT     HLA     HRA     MBA     PSVG     PVG
     RA     SVG     TCV     TCVA     TLA     TLAS     TRA
Climax    K67
Cooper Cameron    DPC     G2406     GMV     GMVA     GMVC     GMVH      GMVS
     GMW     GMWA     GMWC    GTLA     GTLB / JS     KVS     LS     LSV    
     LSVB     Q155      SGTB     V250       V275       W330
Cummins    GTA
Dresser Rand    BG     CCG / KVG     KVGA      KVS     KVT / ML     PSVG     PSVGA     PVG
Ingersoll    SUTC      UTC
Joy    WB     WBF
Waukesha    5108     7042 / F1197     F18     F1905     F2895     F817 / L5108     L7042 / SLHC
Worthington    ML     MLV     SLHC   SUTC   UTC












Now available  "Heavy Iron" for the following engines, including but not limited to:

Power cylinder heads, liners, cylinders, pistons, master and articulating rods, crankshafts,
camshafts, base, frames intercoolers, oil and water pumps, exhaust manifolds, intake manifolds,
inlet filter housings, mufflers. New, Reconditioned or running take offs.


We are looking forward to help you with your inquiries via email

Jim Randono,

Vice President Sales