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·         Three Superior® 16-SGTA spark ignited natural gas reciprocating engines.

16 cylinder, 13,200 cubic-inch turbocharged units rated at 1875 kW each, operating at 900 rpm.

·         Dimension of the engines is approximately 19 feet long, 8 feet wide, and 10 feet high.

·         Engine dry weight is approximately 85,000 pounds.

·         Skidded unit (engine and generators) weight is approximately 96,000 pounds.


      ·         Cooper/Superior® in Ohio built the units in 1986.

·         The units were setup to operate on landfill gas, ran on the factory test, and for 4 hours.

·         After delivery, the project was cancelled and the units were placed in storage.

·         In 1991, the units were shipped to the present location, installed and converted to operate on natural gas.

·         Each unit has CB-13 turbochargers that were purchased in 1992 new from Cooper® as part of the conversion to natural gas operations.  There are also 3 ET-13 turbos (one is fully functional and used as a spare unit; the others are in need of repair).

·         The units were started on July 26, 1992 and operated until September 15, 1997

·         The hours on each unit when overhauled and their current hours are as follows.



Hours at Overhaul



Unit 1



Unit 2



Unit 3




·         In February 1997, Unit 1 had a new crank, line bore, and new bearings installed.  In October 1996, new pistons and liners were installed, and in October 1995, the heads were rebuilt.

·         In March 1996, Unit 2 was rebuilt.  In April 1996, the unit lower end was rebuilt, and in March 1997, the heads were rebuilt.


 ·         Radiator

o        SmithCo Model #1F28-100-2

o        Serial #86B-210

·         Generators

o        Unit 1:  Serial #92998-01, Model #237560000

o        Unit 2:  Serial #92998-02, Model #237560000

o        Unit 3:  Serial #92998-03, Model #237560000

·         Catalyst

·         Switch Gear

o        Delta Controls:  Serial #11321-01

o        Volts:  4160

o        Amps:  1200

·         Mufflers

o        3 hospital grade silencers

·         Air Filters

o        Cycoil Manufactured by American Air Filter Co.

o        Model #1F28-100-2

·         Battery charger with battery bank

o        48 volt DC system for control power

·         Air Compressors

o        Ingersoll Rand 20 HP two stage

§         Unit 1 Hours:  18,944, Model #TPTA 40, Serial #30T566612

§         Unit 2 Hours:  5,772, Model #TPTA 40, Serial #30T566007

·         Air Storage Tanks

o        Two 1,000 gallon; 200 psi rated pressure tanks

·         Oil Storage Tanks

o        One 2,000 gallon new oil tank

o        One 1,500 gallon used oil tank

·         Oil Transfer Pump System

o        System designed to remove used oil from the engines and pump it into the used oil tank and then pump new oil from the tank into the engines.

·         Transformers

o        Main transformer

§         4,160 Volt ot 34,500 Volt

§         Serial #SEA 7099-0101

§         Impedance 7.07

§         Full load KVA 5000/5600 OA   6250/7000 FA

§         55/65ºC temperature rise

§         Manufactured May 1993

o        Other transformers

§         One 4,160 Volt to 480 Volt

§         One 480 Volt to 208 Volt

·         Waste Heat Boiler

o        4,000,000 BTU/HR exhaust heat recover unit

·         Oil Filters

·         Remote Transmitting Unit manufactured by Valmet

·         Direct Transfer Trip Unit

o        Series 6710

o        RX GR-3

o        48 VDC

 The equipment is being sold “As Is, Where Is” with no warranty.

 We look forward to hearing from you.

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