Enterprise / Delaval Parts Available

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Applied Energy Corporation can furnish the following Enterprise / Delaval parts:

Here is a list of Enterprise / Delaval we have available:
00-374-01-BE                  BACKING PLATE       
00-374-01-BJ                  BACKING PLATE       
00-374-02-BF                  BUSHING             
00-420-01-0V                  SLEEVE RELIEF VALVE 
00-420-01-OW                  VALVE RELIEF VALVE  
00-442-07-AE                  SPOOL AIR DISTRIB   
00-442-07-AK                  GASKET              
00-442-07-AK                  GASKET ADAPTOR      
00-442-07-AM                  GASKET ADAPTOR HSG  
00-442-07-AN                  GASKET HSG COVER    
00-475-01-AG                  CYL CONTROL ROD     
00-475-01-AP                  CONTROL CYL PISTON  
02-310-01-OL                  MAIN BRG SHELL      
02-315-02-OG                  LINER               
02-315-02-OM                  WASHER, CYL. HEAD   
02-315-05-AP                  CYLINDER LINER      
02-340-01-CH                  RING-BEARING SHELL  
02-340-01-OH                  RETAINER RING BRG   
02-340-02-OD                  NUT MASTER BOLT     
02-340-03-AD                  BEARING             
02-340-03-AT                  BUSHING CON ROD     
02-340-04-AG                  BEARING SHELL       
02-340-04-AP                  CON ROD BRG         
02-340-04-BB                  BEARING SHELL       
02-340-04-BJ                  CON ROD BRG         
02-340-04-BQ                  CON ROD BRG         
02-345-01-AB                  ROLLER PIN          
02-345-01-OB                  CAM ROLLER          
02-345-01-OE                  BUSHING PIN         
02-345-01-OF                  BUSHING ROLLER      
02-345-01-OH                  STUD FUEL PUMP      
02-345-03-AB                  PIN ROLLER          
02-345-03-AE                  TAPPET FUEL         
02-350-01-OA                  GEAR                
02-350-01-ON                  CAM BRG FRT THRUST  
02-350-04-OD                  CAM LOBE            
02-350-04-OS                  CAM LOBE            
02-350-04-OT                  CAM LOBE            
02-350-04-OX                  CAM EXHAUST         
02-350-06-AC                  CAM FUEL            
02-350-06-AH                  CAM LOBE            
02-350-06-AJ                  CAM LOBE            
02-350-06-AK                  CAM INTAKE          
02-350-06-AL                  CAM LOBE            
02-350-08-AC                  FUEL CAM            
02-350-08-AL                  CAM LOBE            
02-350-08-AM                  FUEL CAM            
02-350-11-AA                  CAM LOBE            
02-350-12-AD                  CAM LOBE            
02-350-12-AE                  CAM LOBE            
02-350-12-AF                  CAM LOBE            
02-355-01-OE                  GEAR CAM RING       
02-355-02-OG                  GASKET              
02-359-01-OE                  GASKET VALVE HEAD   
02-359-02-OA                  DUMMY AIR START VLV 
02-359-03-AB                  GUIDE LOWER         
02-359-03-AD                  SPACER              
02-359-03-AE                  GUIDE UPPER         
02-359-03-AH                  PISTON              
02-359-03-AJ                  VALVE AIR START     
02-359-03-AK                  HOUSING AIR START   
02-359-03-AM                  WASHER LOWER SPRING 
02-359-03-AN                  WASHER SPRING       
02-359-03-AP                  SPRING A/S VALVE    
02-359-03-AQ                  SPACER              
02-360-01-OA                  GASKET CYL HEAD     
02-360-01-OC                  SHIM                
02-360-01-OD                  SHIM                
02-360-05-AA                  O-RING VALVE GUIDE  
02-360-05-AB                  CYLINDER HEAD       
02-365-01-00                  CLAMP INJECTION LINE
02-375-02-ON                  GASKET              
02-385-01-AE                  GASKET REAR         
02-385-01-AJ                  GASKET FRONT        
02-385-01-AL                  GASKET CAM COVER    
02-385-01-AM                  GASKET, CAMSHAFT    
02-386-01-AF                  GASKET, CRANK COVER 
02-386-01-AG                  GASKET              
02-386-01-AH                  GASKET VALVE COVER  
02-390-01-OE                  PUSH ROD INT/EXHAUST
02-390-01-OG                  CAPSCREW SKT HEAD   
02-390-04-AA                  PUSH ROD INT/EXH    
02-390-06-AB                  PUSH ROD            
02-390-07-AG                  PUSH ROD INTERM     
02-390-07-AH                  PUSH ROD            
02-395-03-AH                  GASKET              
02-395-03-AM                  GASKET              
02-410-04-OQ                  GASKET              
02-411-01-OA                  GEAR TACHOMETER     
02-411-01-OB                  GEAR GOVERNOR       
02-411-01-OC                  GEAR GOVERNOR       
02-411-02-AB                  GEAR 20 TEETH       
02-411-02-AC                  SHAFT GOVERNOR      
02-411-02-AF                  BUSHING HORIZONTAL  
02-411-02-AN                  BUSHING VERTICAL    
02-411-03-AC                  GASKET COVER        
02-442-04-AC                  CAM                 
02-475-19-AK                  GASKET TURBO ADAPTOR
02-495-02-AD                  GASKET TURBO        
03-310-03-AD                  MAIN BRG INT SHELL  
03-310-03-OF                  MAIN BRG SHELL      
03-310-03-OH                  BRG SHELL           
03-310-03-OK                  RING LOCK REAR BRG  
03-310-03-OL                  RING BRG SHELL LOCK 
03-315-01-OA                  STUD CYLINDER HEAD  
03-315-02-OE                  LINER CYLINDER      
03-315-02-OF                  LINER SEAL          
03-315-02-OM                  LINER SEAL          
03-315-02-ON                  LINER SEAL          
03-317-01-AE                  GASKET WATER OUTLET 
03-317-01-OJ                  GASKET HEAD         
03-335-02-OD                  GASKET              
03-335-02-OF                  GASKET              
03-335-02-OH                  GASKET              
03-335-02-OK                  GASKET              
03-335-02-OY                  GASKET              
03-340-03-OA                  BEARING CON ROD     
03-340-04-AE                  PISTON CROWN        
03-340-05-AE                  BRG SHELL           
03-341-02-AE                  STUD PISTON         
03-341-02-AF                  NUT,HEX 7/8         
03-350-01-OD                  FRT CAM BRG SHELL   
03-350-01-OE                  CAM BRG SHELL INT   
03-350-01-OH                  CAM LOBE            
03-350-01-OJ                  CAM LOBE            
03-350-06-OA                  CAM LOBE            
03-350-06-OB                  CAM LOBE            
03-355-01-OB                  BUSHING IDLER GEAR  
03-355-02-OC                  SHIM RETAINER       
03-359-01-OB                  VALVE AIR START     
03-359-01-OC                  PISTON AIR START    
03-359-01-OE                  GASKET VALVE HEAD   
03-360-01-OM                  GROMMET SMALL       
03-360-01-OO                  SHIM .062           
03-360-01-OP                  O-RING              
03-360-02-AC                  VALVE GUIDE INTAKE  
03-360-02-OC                  VALVE INTAKE        
03-360-02-OD                  VALVE EXHAUST       
03-360-02-OF                  VALVE GUIDE EXHAUST 
03-360-02-OH                  RETAINER            
03-360-02-OM                  SPRING VALVE        
03-360-02-ON                  RETAINER EXHAUST    
03-360-03-OB                  FERRULE ROD SEAL    
03-360-03-OD                  STUD NOZZLE HOLDER  
03-360-04-AA                  VALVE GUIDE INTAKE  
03-360-04-AB                  GASKET INLET VALVE  
03-360-04-AD                  VALVE INTAKE        
03-360-04-AE                  RETAINER INLET VALVE
03-360-04-AF                  RETAINER INLET      
03-360-04-AH                  VALVE EXHAUST       
03-360-05-AG                  GROMMET LARGE       
03-360-05-AH                  GROMMET SMALL       
03-360-07-AA                  GUIDE INTAKE        
03-360-08-AC                  VALVE GUIDE INTAKE  
03-360-14-AD                  VALVE EXHAUST       
03-362-01-OB                  DOWEL ROCKER SHAFT  
03-362-01-OC                  GASKET SUB COVER    
03-362-01-OD                  GASKET SUB COVER    
03-362-01-OH                  GASKET SUBCOVER     
03-362-04-AB                  GASKET COVER HEAD   
03-371-02-AR                  BRG FUEL LINK       
03-375-01-AF                  GASKET AIR ELBOW    
03-375-01-AG                  GASKET AIR MAINFOLD 
03-375-01-OG                  ELBOW INLET MAINFOLD
03-375-01-OH                  GASKET AIR INTAKE   
03-375-13-AA                  GASKET ADAPTOR      
03-382-04-AB                  GASKET COVER        
03-385-01-AC                  GASKET SIDE COVER   
03-385-02-OB                  GASKET CAM COVER    
03-385-02-OD                  GASKET              
03-385-02-OL                  GASKET REAR COVER   
03-385-03-AC                  GASKET COVER        
03-385-03-AE                  GASKET              
03-385-04-AM                  SEAL CAM BRIDGE     
03-390-01-0K                  SPACER ROCKER ARM   
03-390-01-OA                  SHAFT ROCKER ARM    
03-390-01-OC                  BUSHING EXHAUST     
03-390-01-OE                  BUSHING             
03-390-01-OH                  PUSH ROD            
03-390-01-OK                  SPACER              
03-390-01-OO                  BUSHING INTAKE      
03-390-01-OS                  ROCKER ARM INTAKE   
03-390-03-AB                  ROCKER ARM          
03-390-04-AB                  PUSH ROD            
03-390-05-AA                  BOLT ROCKER ARM     
03-390-05-AB                  ROCKER ARM INTAKE   
03-410-01-AA                  SHAFT O/S TRIP      
03-410-01-AD                  GEAR FUEL PUMP      
03-410-01-AE                  GASKET              
03-413-02-AD                  LEVER GOVERNOR      
03-413-08-AB                  LEVER GOVERNOR LINK 
03-420-02-OG                  GASKET              
03-420-03-OM                  GASKET              
03-420-04-AB                  SHAFT               
03-420-04-AD                  GASKET ADAPTOR      
03-425-02-OB                  GASKET              
03-425-04-AE                  GASKET              
03-425-06-AC                  COLLAR THRUST       
03-425-07-AF                  BUSHING             
03-425-09-AB                  KEY GEAR W/PUMP     
03-425-09-AC                  KEY IMPELLER        
03-425-09-AF                  SHAFT               
03-426-08-AA                  SHAFT WATER PUMP    
03-426-08-AB                  KEY IMPELLER        
03-450-05-AA                  TUBE ASSY           
03-450-08-AA                  TUBE FUEL OIL HEADER
03-451-01-OD                  GASKET              
03-451-01-OO                  GASKET PIPE TO CYL  
03-451-01-OV                  GASKET GAS FLANGE   
03-475-11-AK                  GASKET              
03-559-01-OE                  GASKET VALVE TO HEAD
04-360-01-AP                  GROMMET PUSH ROD    
04-360-01-AQ                  GROMMET LARGE       
062E1-2-11-21-35              VALVE SOLENOID      
08-310-02-OK                  DOWEL PIN BEARING   
08-315-02-AF                  GASKET DRIVE CHAIN  
08-315-02-OK                  GASKET AIR INLET    
08-315-03-AA                  CYLINDER LINER      
08-315-03-AE                  O-RING LINER        
08-317-02-OC                  GASKET WATER INLET  
08-335-02-OG                  GASKET WATER PUMP   
08-336-04-AE                  GASKET GEAR CASE    
08-336-04-AG                  GASKET TOP COVER    
08-338-01-OM                  GASKET CRANKCASE    
08-340-01-AD                  DOWEL               
08-345-01-OE                  GASKET CAM COVER    
08-345-03-AB                  BUSHING ROLLER      
08-345-03-AC                  BUSHING PIN         
08-345-03-AD                  PIN ROLLER          
08-345-03-AE                  CAM ROLLER          
08-345-03-AJ                  TAPPET INT & EXH    
08-350-01-OF                  GASKET              
08-350-03-AB                  GASKET              
08-350-08-AL                  CAM LOBE INTAKE     
08-350-08-AM                  CAM LOBE EXHAUST    
08-350-12-AA                  CAM LOBE            
08-350-12-AB                  CAM LOBE            
08-360-01-OE                  VALVE GUIDE INTAKE  
08-360-01-OK                  VALVE GUIDE EXHAUST 
08-360-02-AB                  VALVE GUIDE EXHAUST 
08-360-02-AG                  GASKET HEAD COVER   
08-360-02-AQ                  VALVE GUIDE EXHAUST 
08-360-05-AB                  VALVE GUIDE INTAKE  
08-360-10-AA                  VALVE GUIDE EXHAUST 
08-360-10-AB                  VALVE INTAKE        
08-360-10-AC                  VALVE EXHAUST       
08-360-12-AE                  GASKET FIRE DECK    
08-362-01-OG                  GASKET SUB COVER    
08-363-01-OJ                  GASKET TOP COVER    
08-375-02-OK                  GASKET AIR INTAKE   
08-385-04-AM                  SEAL CAM SIDE COVER 
08-385-04-AN                  GASKET CAM BRIDGE   
08-385-04-AQ                  GASKET SIDE COVER   
08-390-01-OD                  ADJ SCREW           
08-390-01-OF                  SOCKET EXHAUST INLET
08-390-02-OD                  SCREW ADJUSTING     
08-420-04-OH                  GASKET              
08-420-06-AB                  GASKET PUMP         
08-425-07-AC                  RETAINER SEAL       
08-451-01-OF                  GASKET AIR LINE     
08-460-01-AC                  GASKET              
08-735-01-AM                  GASKET              
10-18733                      NUT FUEL LINE       
105-002                       DOWEL               
1064-092                      BUSHING ROCKER AIR  
10-84703-9                    TIP FUEL INJ        
1143                          GASKET              
122-128                       DEPTH MICROMETER    
129                           NUT CYL HEAD        
13791                         CLIP                
180-002                       LOCKING CLIP        
180-015                       LOCKING CLIP        
180-016                       LOCKING CLIP        
180-019                       LOCK CLIP           
180-036                       LOCKING CLIP        
180-038                       LOCKING CLIP        
18289                         GASKET TURBO PIPE   
18452                         WASHER CYLINDER HEAD
1A-1036                       CYLINDER HEAD ASSY  
1A-1038                       CYL HEAD            
1A-1707                       PIN PISTON          
1A-1737                       PISTON              
1A-1740                       PISTON & PIN ASSY   
1A-1793                       CYLINDER HEAD       
1A-1809                       TAPPET FUEL         
1A-1838                       CONN ROD            
1-A1880                       OIL TRANSFER PUMP   
1A-1926                       SCREW ADJ ROCKER ARM
1A-1974                       CYLINDER HEAD ASSY  
1A-1998                       GASKET SET          
1A-1998                       GASKET SET, CYLIN HD
1A-1999                       GASKET SET          
1A-2022                       AIR START VALVE ASSY
1A-2046                       ROCKER ARM ASSY     
1A-2076                       CYLINDER HEAD       
1A-2483                       PISTON & PIN ASSY   
1A-2600                       FUEL LINE           
1A-3116                       FUEL BOOSTER PUMP   
1A-3190                       GASKET SET          
1A-3321                       TUBE ASSY FUEL INJ  
1A-3442                       CONNECTION ROD ASSY 
1A-3455                       TAPPET ASSY         
1A-4107                       GASKET SET          
1A-4186                       TAPPET ASSY         
1A-4228                       TAPPET ASSY         
1A-4398                       ELBOW ORFICE ASSY   
1A-4543                       CON ROD ASSY        
1A-4673                       AIR START DISTRIBUTR
1A-4966                       ROCKER ARM INTAKE   
1A-4968                       ROCKER ARM EXHAUST  
1A-5150                       SHUTDOWN LOGIC BOARD
1A-5463                       ROCKER ARM ASSY EXH 
1A-5529                       SUB COVER ASSY      
1A-5531                       ROCKER ARM INTAKE   
1A-5608                       WATER PUMP          
1A-5634                       VALVE ASSY          
1A-6149                       SHUTDOWN LOGIC BOARD
1A-6166                       TAPPET ASSY         
1A-6167                       BASE ASYY FUEL PUMP 
1A-6249                       AIR START VALVE     
1A-6250                       VALVE ASSY          
1A-6364                       GASKET SET          
1A-6366                       GASKET SET CYL HEAD 
1A-6396                       GASKET SET          
1A-6440                       GASKET SET CYL HEAD 
1A-6446                       CYLINDER HEAD       
1A-6497                       GASKET SET CYL HEAD 
1A-6522                       PISTON ASSY         
1A-6789                       CYLINDER HEAD       
1A-7116                       PISTON ASSY         
1A-7396                       PISTON PIN ASSY     
1A-7757                       GASKET SET          
1A-7840                       ADJUSTING SCREW     
1A-7846                       SUB COVER ASSY   
1A-7892                       SHUTDOWN LOGIC BOARD
222                           LOCTITE MAINTENANCE 
3023                          FUEL LINE           
33869                         LINE SHAFT BRG      
346                           STUD                
36002-47                      GASKET              
390-788-3                     OIL SEAL            
390-789-3                     OIL SEAL            
423                           STUD SIDE COVER     
50-449                        O-RING EXPLOSION    
7026                          SEAL LINER          
7061                          GEAR CAM RING       
7114                          TUBE                
7116                          GASKET AIR VALVE    
7273                          CAP PISTON          
74037-109A                    FILTER ELEMENT      
74037-112-A                   FILTER ELEMENT      
75294                         RETAINER VALVE      
75303                         RING                
75307                         CAM FUEL G          
75327                         PACKING FLANGE      
75684                         CAM LOBE            
75686                         CAM LOBE            
75687                         CAM LOBE            
75785                         VALVE SEAT          
75887                         CAM FUEL G          
7657                          LINER CYLINDER      
7669-002                      WEDGE HALF          
76816                         ROLLER & PIN ASSY   
76970-1                       SHIM COMPRESSION1/64
76970-2                       SHIM COMPRESSION1/32
76970-3                       SHIM COMPRESSION1/16
7700                          VALVE SPRING INNER  
7755                          KNOB ASSY           
77728-001                     GASKET              
77805                         GASKET TURBO INLET  
77878                         GASKET TURBO        
77926                         GASKET              
7797                          DOWEL GUIDE         
78115                         ROLLER & PIN ASSY   
78118                         ROLLER & PIN ASSY   
78120                         ROLLER & PIN ASSY   
78181                         GASKET SIDE COVER   
78290                         GASKET              
78304                         GASKET CYL HEAD     
78308                         GASKET TURBO        
78309                         GASKET ELBOW WATER  
78310                         GASKET ELBOW BLOCK  
78342                         GASKET              
78366                         GASKET              
78800                         GASKET EXH MAINFOLD 
78844                         GASKET AIR MAINFOLD 
78996                         GASKET              
79029                         GASKET              
79041                         GASKET WATER PUMP   
7907                          O-RING AIR VALVE    
7909                          O-RING AIR VALVE    
79099                         GASKET FUEL LINE    
79152                         GASKET TURBO        
79158                         GASKET TURBO ADAPTOR
79255                         ROLLER              
79389                         PIN                 
79590                         ROLLER BRG          
79891                         SLINGER             
91006                         WASHER CYL HEAD     
9121                          THROUGH BOLT        
9124                          STUD CYLINDER HEAD  
9160-2                        VALVE AIR START     
91612-1                       BODY ZERO LASH      
91618                         GASKET              
91657                         GASKET              
9167                          BOLT                
9169                          O-RING AIR START    
92006-001                     LOCK PIN BEARING    
92006-004                     LOCK PIN BEARING    
92006-005                     LOCK PIN BEARING    
9211                          GEAR IDLER          
9212                          BUSHING IDLER GEAR  
92161                         CAM INLET           
92162                         CAM EXHAUST         
9219                          GEAR CAMSHAFT       
92466                         CAM FUEL            
92468                         CAM FUEL            
92645                         PUSH ROD ASSY       
9274                          TUBE LUBRICATING    
92816                         GASKET CYL HD COVER 
93011                         GASKET              
93333                         GASKET              
93335                         SEALS               
93351                         GASKET AIR RELIEF   
93355                         GASKET INTAKE       
93366                         GASKET FUEL LINE    
93374                         GASKET              
93382-001                     GASKET GEAR CASE    
93384-001                     GASKET INSPECTION CO
93513                         NUT WATER PUMP      
93652                         GASKET              
93662                         GASKET, OIL SEPERART
9377                          GASKET FUEL NOZZLE  
93794                         GASKET SET          
93819                         CAM INLET           
93820                         CAM EXHAUST         
93855                         PACKING             
93867                         BUSHING             
93867-1                       BUSHING ROCKER ARM  
93868                         BUSHING ROCKER ARM  
93868                         BUSHING             
93924                         CAM FUEL            
93959                         GASKET              
94516                         SHIM SET            
94575                         GASKET              
94851                         WATER PUMP ASSY     
94851                         WATER PUMP, COOLING 
94984                         ROLLER & SHAFT AIR  
95386                         ROLLER & PIN        
95395                         GASKET AIR START    
95576                         GEAR CAMSHAFT       
95702                         GEAR GOVERNOR DRIVE 
95703                         GEAR GOVERNOR DRIVE 
95704                         GEAR GOVERNOR DRIVE 
95781                         FERRULE             
95782                         FERRULE             
95787                         SEE 03-360-05-AH    
95788                         SEE 03-360-05-AG    
9583                          RETAINER A.S.VALVE  
96091                         GASKET MAINFOLD     
96235                         GEAR CRANK 58 TEETH 
96329                         DOWEL               
96422                         GASKET SUB COVER    
96423                         GASKET              
96428                         GASKET CYL HEAD     
96437                         GASKET              
96444                         PUSH RING           
96533                         GASKET ELBOW        
96559                         GASKET AIR VALVE    
96626                         VALVE INTAKE        
96627                         VALVE INTAKE        
96678                         VALVE AIR START     
96679                         CAGE                
96680                         CAP AIR STARTING    
96681                         PISTON AIR STARTING 
96682                         PIN AIR STARTIN VAL 
96684                         AIR START VALVE ASSY
96768                         NOZZLE SLEEVE       
96808                         SPRING AIR START    
96811                         SEAL                
96865                         CAP FRONT CAM BRG   
96866                         CAP INTERMEDIATE CAM
96868                         CAM BRG SHELL INT   
96877                         CAM BRG SHELL INT   
96939                         GASKET PIPE SPOOL   
96945                         SHIM SET            
96949                         PLUG PISTON (USED)  
96950                         PISTON PIN          
96954                         ROLLER ROCKER ARM   
96955                         PIN ROLLER          
96960                         GASKET SET          
96961                         GASKET, FRONT TOP   
96969                         GASKET, FRONT TOP   
96973                         LINER CYLINDER      
96985                         LINER SEAL          
97116                         GASKET              
97152                         GASKET              
97162                         GASKET              
97244                         GASKET              
97252                         RING TURBO          
97262                         PIN PISTON          
97290                         GASKET REAR         
97294                         GASKET REAR COVER   
97297                         GASKET              
97326                         GASKET              
97348                         GASKET              
97367                         GASKET HEAD COOPER  
97372                         GEAR OVERSPEED TRIP 
97408                         O-RING              
97416                         GASKET              
97477                         GASKET              
97478                         GASKET              
97614                         VALVE SPRING        
9771                          GASKET, MANIFOLD    
97737                         CAM INLET           
97738                         CAM EXHAUST         
97742                         CAM LOBE            
97813                         GASKET WATER MAINFLD
97879                         GASKET              
97963                         GASKET SET CYL HEAD 
98081                         CYL HEAD REBUILT    
98111                         CAM LOBE            
98154                         GASKET              
98195                         GASKET, LATERAL INSP
98271                         GOVERNOR & TACH DR  
98290                         GOVERNOR ASSY       
9840                          CYLINDER LINER      
9865                          SPRING, VALVE EXTERI
9866                          VALVE GUIDE         
9867                          VALVE SEAT          
9870-1                        HUB CAM GEAR        
98747                         CONDUIT ASSY        
98819                         BUSHING LUBE OIL    
98844                         PISTON RING SET     
98846                         PISTON              
9885                          SPRING OUTER VALVE  
98856                         FUEL LINE R.H.      
9886                          SPRING INNER VALVE  
9889                          SPRING SEAT LOWER   
9890-001                      RETAINER SPRING     
9890-002                      VALVE KEEPERS       
98979                         ADJUSING SCREW      
9904                          RETAINER NOZZLE     
99086                         BUSHING CON ROD     
99117                         ADAPTOR EXH MANIFOLD
99118                         O-RING AIR VALVE    
99325                         GASKET ELBOW TURBO  
99537                         GASKET TURBO AIR    
99639                         DIAPHGRAM           
99643                         DIAPHRAGM           
99647                         DIAPHRAGM           
99684                         AIR START VALVE     
99792                         GEAR OVERSPEED      
99972                         CAM LOBE            
99973                         CAM LOBE            
99985                         PISTON RING SET     
AJ-009-000                    CYLIINDER SHUTDOWN  
AJ-009-001                    REPAIR KIT AIR CYL  
AR-048-000                    TACHOMETER DIGITAL  
AR-052-007                    FINISH STONE        
AR-052-008                    STONE SET           
AR-053-000                    BRUSH LINER         
AR-060-000                    DYNAMOMETER         
AR-063-000                    DIAL INDICATOR      
AR-068-000                    DIGITAIL TACHOMETER 
AR-090-000                    MICROMETER SET      
AR-090-001                    MICROMETER SET ID   
AR-122-079                    MAGNET PICK-UP TOOL 
AR-161-001                    MICROMETER SET      
AR-161-002                    MICROMETER SET      
AR-163-003                    BORE GAUGE SET      
AR-163-004                    EXTENSION SHAFT     
B-2029                        LOCK CLIP IDLER GEAR
B-3010-10                     SPRING CAP NUT      
B-3010-12                     ADJUSTING SCREW     
B-3010-17                     COVER PROTECTION    
B-3014-4                      ADJUSTING SCREW     
B-3015-10                     SPRING PRESSURE     
B-3025-18                     SCREW               
B-3031                        INJECTOR ASSY       
B-3032                        NOZZLE ASSY         
B-3033                        NOZZLE ASSY         
B-3036                        TIP INJECTOR        
B-3038                        TIP FUEL INJ        
B-3061                        PISTON RING         
B-3062                        PISTON RING         
B-3072                        PISTON RING         
B-3077                        PISTON RING         
B-3078                        PISTON RING         
B-3088                        RING OIL            
B-3089                        PISTON RING OIL     
B-3093                        ZERO LASH UNIT      
B-3123                        INDICATOR VALVE     
B-3354-12                     GASKET              
B-3354-2                      SNAP RING           
B-3354-35                     SHIM                
B-3354-36                     SHIM                
B-3354-37                     SHIM                
B-3354-38                     SHIM                
B-3354-4                      FOLLOWER            
B-3354-9                      SCREW               
B-3605                        RING COMPRESSION    
B-3675                        THERMOCOUPLE        
B-3712                        SEAL, SHAFT         
B-3713                        SEAL, PISTON        
B-3806                        SEAL                
B-3847                        RING COMPRESSION    
B-3852-1                      GASKET COPPER       
B-3852-8                      GASKET COPPER       
B-3880                        OILER               
B-3880                        FUEL PUMP           
B-3890                        RING TURBO          
B-4199                        CHROME PISTON RING  
B-4201                        TAPER FACE RING     
B-4202                        OIL RING            
B-4781                        PISTON RING COMP    
B-4782                        PISTON RING OIL     
B-5074                        FUEL FILTER ASSY    
B-5097                        RELIEF VALVE        
B-5193                        PISTON RING         
B-5392                        COUPLING            
B-5393                        COUPLING            
B-5451                        MANOMETER           
B-5600                        O-RING              
B-5692                        O-RING VALVE CAGE   
B-5864                        O-RING NOZZLE SLEEVE
B-5944                        OIL SEAL            
B5965                         GOVERNOR            
B-5998                        TACHOMETER GENERATOR
B-6181                        O-RING              
B-6182                        O-RING GAS VALVE    
B-6230                        O-RING OIL TUBE     
B-6269                        FILTER              
B-6338                        OIL SEPERATOR       
B-6339                        PISTON RING CHROME  
B-6361                        O-RING AIR VALVE    
B-6366                        O-RING              
B-6470                        PISTON RING A.S     
B-6471                        RING AIR START VALVE
B-6491                        FLUID MANOMETER     
B-6807                        PISTON RING         
B-6819                        ELEMENT FILTER      
B-7112-003                    STOP PLATE          
B-7122                        NOZZLE VALVE INJ    
B-7166                        PISTON RING CHROME  
B-7167                        PISTON RING         
B-7197                        NOZZLE 10 HOLE TIP  
B-7215                        FILTER              
B-7291                        PLUG                
B-7293                        SEAL O'RING         
B-7295                        DELIVERY VALVE      
B-7295-11                     GASKET              
B-7295-4                      SPRING              
B-7295-5                      HOLDER DEL VALVE    
B-7295-6                      STOP DEL VALVE      
B-7295-8                      SPRING              
B-7503                        FILTER              
B-7534                        OIL SEAL            
B-7579                        PNUETROL            
B-7830                        ELEMENT FUEL FILTER 
B-7838                        FILTER ELEMENT      
B-7878                        FILTER ELEMENT      
B-7925                        VALVE 3-WAY         
B-8034                        O-RING              
B-8072                        O-RING PUSH ROD     
B-8188                        PISTON RING OIL     
B-8274                        VALVE TEMPERATURE   
B-8337                        PISTON RING OIL     
B-8341-11                     SPRING              
B-8341-6                      SEAT                
B-8341-9                      STOP PLATE          
B-8342                        NOZZLE VALVE        
B-8343                        TIP FUEL INJECTOR   
B-8344                        PUMP FUEL INJ       
CB-077-000                    ADAPTER             
CE-001-026                    ELBOW UNION         
CE-001-051                    ELBOW MALE          
CE-001-055                    ELBOW LUBE OIL LINE 
CE-001-057                    ELBOW MALE LUBE OIL 
CE-001-059                    ELBOW               
CE-001-060                    ELBOW               
CE-001-062                    ELBOW MALE HEADER   
CE-001-088                    ELBOW FUEL OIL HEADR
CE-002-026                    TEE UNION           
CE-002-053                    ELBOW               
CE-002-063                    ELBOW               
CE-003-010                    BUSHING REDUCER     
CE-003-014                    BUSHING LUBE OIL    
CE-003-057                    CONNECTOR MALE      
CE-003-062                    CONN LUBE OIL LINE  
CE-003-063                    CONNECTOR MALE      
CE-003-071                    CONNECTOR MALE      
CE-003-076                    CONN MALE LUBE OIL  
CE-003-089                    CONN MALE TAPPET    
CE-003-102                    CONN FUEL OIL HEADER
CE-004-046                    CONNECTOR, FEMALE   
CE-004-081                    CONNECTOR           
CE-005-026                    UNION 1/4           
CE-005-028                    UNION 3/8           
CE-005-031                    UNION               
CE-006-023                    UNION BULK HEAD     
CE-006-025                    UNION BULK HEAD     
CE-006-028                    TEE LUBE OIL LINE   
CE-007-030                    ELBOW INJ PUMP      
CE-008-028                    UNION TEE           
CE-008-029                    UNION TEE           
CE-008-037                    TEE UNION           
CE-010-032                    TEE MALE LUBE OIL   
CE-010-033                    TEE MALE            
CE-010-035                    UNION TEE           
CE-042-014                    BULKHEAD CONNECTOR  
CE-062-000                    ELBOW FUEL OIL HEADR
CE-067-000                    TUBE ADAPTOR FUEL   
CE-067-030                    ELBOW INJ PUMP      
CF-008-000                    HOSE ASSY           
CG-003-004                    COUPLING STRAIGHT 1"
CG-003-005                    COUPLING TURBO      
CG-003-006                    COUPLING AIR MAINFOD
CG-003-011                    SEAL                
CG-003-012                    SEAL                
CG-003-013                    SEAL                
CG-003-014                    SEAL                
CG-004-006                    COUPLING            
CG-006-006                    COUPLING            
CG-008-009                    SEAL                
CG-024-006                    COUPLING TEE 2" DIA.
CG-027-000                    COUPLING TURBO BRKT 
CJ-002-003                    NIPPLE, 1/8 PIPE X2"
CJ-005-013                    TUBING              
CJ-005-015                    TUBING              
CJ-005-018                    TUBING              
CJ-005-021                    TUBING              
CK-006-099                    CLAMP LUBE OIL      
F-004-120                     ELEMENT, AIR INTAKE 
F-014-064                     SCREW SELF LOCKING  
F-014-114-01                  CYLINDER REPAIR KIT 
F-021-005                     VALVE ASSY          
F-021-013                     SWITCH CONTROL      
F-021-068                     THERMOCOUPLE        
F-033-033                     COUPLING STRAIGHT   
F-033-041                     COUPLING STRAIGHT   
F-033-043                     COUPLING ELBOW      
F-033-045                     COUPLING ELBOW      
F-033-046                     COUPLING ELBOW      
F-033-051                     COUPLING STRAIGHT   
F-033-060                     COUPLING ELBOW      
F-034-062                     SPIDER              
F-034-065                     COUPLING SPIDER     
F-034-082                     COUPLING            
F-034-138                     O-RING              
F-039-005                     FILTER DISK         
F-039-024                     FILTER ELEMENT LUBRI
F-039-045                     FILTER              
F-039-047                     FILTER              
F-041-007                     ROD END MALE        
F-041-008                     ROD END FEMALE      
F-044-106                     GASKET OIL FILTER   
F-044-120                     FILTER              
F-046-056                     FITTING MALE ELBOW  
F-046-263                     NUT, TUBE           
F-057-009                     GASKET              
F-057-010                     GASKET              
F-057-041                     GASKET VALVE        
F-075-062                     SPRING INJECTOR     
F-075-067                     SPRAY TIP           
F-075-082                     SPRAY TIP           
F-075-105                     DELIVERY VALVE HOLD 
F-075-111                     ROD                 
F-075-112                     ROD                 
F-075-113                     SHIM .031           
F-075-114                     SHIM .010           
F-075-115                     SHIM .008           
F-075-116                     SHIM .006           
F-075-117                     SHIM .005           
F-075-119                     NOZZLE VALVE        
F-075-124                     TIP INJECTOR        
F-075-127                     NUT                 
F-077-016                     EXPASION JIONT      
F-077-020                     COUPLING FLEXIBLE   
F-077-021                     COUPLING FLEXIBLE   
F-077-054                     CONNECTOR FLEXIBLE  
F-080-020                     HYDRAULIC LIFTER    
F-090-021                     NUT CYLINDER HEAD   
F-090-121                     NUT CYL HEAD        
F-094-004                     O-RING NOZZLE SLEEVE
F-094-006                     O-RING              
F-094-012                     O-RING              
F-094-023                     O-RING Viton (R)        
F-094-038                     O-RING              
F-094-039                     O-RING              
F-094-041                     O-RING              
F-094-043                     O-RING              
F-094-074                     O-RING              
F-094-092                     O-RING CAP          
F-094-097                     O-RING              
F-094-113                     O-RING PISTON CROWN 
F-094-114                     O-RING              
F-094-119                     O-RING              
F-094-126                     O-RING CAP          
F-099-001                     FUEL INJ PUMP       
F-099-072                     O-RING              
F-099-170                     DELIVERY VALVE      
F-099-180                     PUMP FUEL INJECTION 
F-099-188                     SLEEVE              
F-099-191                     PLUNGER & BARREL    
F-099-199                     PLUNGER & BARREL    
F-101-075                     PUMP LUBE OIL       
F-101-076                     PUMP LUBE OIL       
F-101-082                     PUMP                
F-101-110                     LUBE OIL PUMP       
F-103-040                     WEAR RING           
F-103-041                     WEAR RING           
F-103-042                     GASKET              
F-108-030                     RETAINER PISTON PIN 
F-108-033                     SEE JN-001-000      
F-111-023                     REGULATOR AIR       
F-113-017                     PISTON RING TAPER   
F-113-018                     PISTON RING CHROME  
F-113-102                     PISTON RING OIL     
F-113-160                     RING COMPRESSION    
F-115-031                     SEAL RING           
F-115-034                     SEAL RING           
F-115-046                     SEAL RING           
F-115-067                     SPRING AIR DISTRB   
F-115-083                     CIRCUIT BREAKER     
F-118-023                     CAP SEAL            
F-118-026                     SLIPPER SEAL        
F-118-027                     SLIPPER SEAL        
F-118-034                     SEAL SHAFT          
F-118-039                     SEAL CYL BLOCK      
F-118-044                     O-RING              
F-118-049                     SEAL                
F-118-050                     SEAL                
F-118-066                     OIL SEAL            
F-123-000                     NUT                 
F-124-021                     STRAINER LUBE OIL   
F-124-029                     STRAINER ELEMENT    
F-124-053                     STRAINER            
F-124-093                     FILTER ELEMENT      
F-133-002                     THERMOCOUPLE        
F-133-006                     THERMOCOUPLE        
F-133-037                     RING AIR START      
F-133-102                     PISTON RING OIL     
F-133-103                     THERMOCOUPLE        
F-133-105                     THERMOCOUPLE        
F-133-106                     THERMOCOUPLE        
F-133-110                     THERMOCOUPLE        
F-133-111                     THERMOCOUPLE        
F-134-010                     THERMOMETER RAMGE   
F-135-026                     VALVE SEAT GRINDER  
F-135-028                     STONE VALVE SEAT    
F-142-116                     VALVE, 4-WAY        
F-147-010                     VALVE AIR MAINFOLD  
F-152-013                     O-RING              
F-152-062                     FILTER RELIEF VALVE 
F-152-068                     O-RING              
F-157-025                     VALVE T/START       
F-160-032                     VALVE INDICATOR     
F-161-001                     LOCK WIRE, 0,063"   
F-161-004                     WIPER               
F-168-002                     TORQUE WRENCH       
F-511-083                     CIRCUIT BREAKER     
F-530-089                     GAUGE PRESSURE      
F-530-096                     GAUGE PRESSURE      
F-530-097                     GAUGE PRESSURE      
F-536-017                     ALARM HORN          
F-540-146                     THERMOCOUPLE        
F-561-088                     METER TIME ELAPSED  
F-561-094                     TIME METER          
F-573-004                     LOGIC EL            
F-573-121                     VALVE STOP/RUN      
F-573-123                     VALVE               
F-573-124                     VALVE               
F-573-125                     VALVE CONTROL       
F-573-126                     VALVE GAS VENT      
F-573-132                     VALVE               
F-573-141                     PARRELL ORIFICE     
F-573-144                     ORIFICE CHECK       
F-573-146                     ORIFICE CHECK       
F-573-156                     TRIP LOW PRESSURE   
F-573-171                     TRIP VIBRATION      
F-573-271                     DETECTOR            
F-573-330                     TRIP HIGH TEMP      
F-573-332                     VALVE DIAPHRAGM     
F-573-332-02                  O-RING              
F-573-332-09                  O-RING              
F-573-438                     VALVE START         
F-573-439                     VALVE PILOT 3 WAY   
F-575-174                     PILOT LAMP          
F-577-046                     PRESSURE SWITCH     
F-577-123                     VALVE               
F-577-124                     VALVE               
F-577-132                     VALVE               
F-578-044                     TACHOMETER DIGITAL  
F-579-009                     FILTER REGULATOR    
F-585-115                     TEMP SELECTOR       
F-585-117                     SWITCH SELECTOR     
FB-3437-1                     GASKET FILTER       
FC-008-001                    ROD END MALE        
FC-009-001                    ROD END FEMALE      
G-1168-1                      GASKET              
G-1169                        GASKET              
G-1169-8                      SHAFT               
G-1179                        GASKET              
G-1245                        VALVE DISCHARGE     
G-1439                        RING SET PISTON     
G-1476-1                      BUSHING CON ROD     
G-2166                        GASKET              
G-2257                        VALVE SUCTION LOP   
G-3551                        GEAR GOV DRIVE      
G-3622                        CYLINDER HEAD       
G-3623                        CYL HEAD W/VALVES   
G-3687                        VALVE GUIDE         
G-3689                        CYLINDER HEAD BARE  
G-3690                        GASKET HEAD         
G-3691                        GASKET HEAD JUMPER  
G-3697                        GASKET MAINFOLD ELL 
G-3698                        GASKET SET          
G-3708                        GASKET HEAD ELL     
G-3710                        GASKET SUB COVER    
G-3932                        RELIEF VALVE        
G-3933                        BODY RELIEF VALVE   
G-3936                        WASHER RELIEF VALVE 
G-3957                        SEAL                
G-3960                        GASKET CAM COVER    
G-3972                        PIN PISTON OIL COOL 
G-4010                        GASKET VALVE COVER  
G-4047                        CAM LOBE            
G-4049                        GASKET HEADER       
G-4050                        GASKET              
G-4062                        CAM EXHAUST         
G-4063                        CAM INLET           
G-4068                        CAM INLET           
G-4084                        GASKET SET          
G-4247                        GASKET ELBOW        
G-4352                        DOWEL PISTON CAP    
G-4514                        INSERT VALVE SEAT   
G-4741                        BUSHING BRONZE      
G-4981                        VALVE INTAKE        
G-4982                        VALVE EXHAUST       
G-5017                        BUSHING WATER PUMP  
G-5023                        BRACKET WATER PUMP  
G-5048                        GEAR WATER PUMP     
G-5104                        AIR START VALVE ASSY
G-5413                        VALVE AIR START     
G-5456                        GASKET EXH ADAPTOR  
G-5558                        GASKET EXH ADAPTOR  
G-5623                        PIN ROLLER          
G-5624                        ROLLER              
G-5625                        VALVE SPRING OUTER  
G-5628                        IMPELLER            
G-5629                        SHAFT WATER PUMP    
G-6044                        O-RING              
G-6045                        FERRULE SMALL       
G-6046                        FERRULE LARGE       
G-6080                        CAM EXHAUST         
G-6096                        CAM INTAKE          
G-6271                        CAM INLET           
G-6272                        CAM EXHAUST         
G-6273                        CAM LOBE            
G-6274                        CAM LOBE            
G-6338                        CYLINDER HEAD       
G-6341                        CYLINDER LINER      
G-6343                        O-RING PUSH ROD     
G-6344                        GASKET HEAD COOPER  
G-6345                        GASKET HEAD CAM     
G-6392                        GASKET SET CYL HEAD 
G-6394                        INSERT PISTON       
G-6440                        PISTON              
G-6767                        GEAR IDLER          
G-6796                        GASKET SIDE COVER   
G-6800                        GASKET RELIEF VALVE 
G-6841                        FUEL LINE ASSY      
G-7082                        NOZZLE SLEEVE       
G-7082                        NOZZLE SLEEVE       
G-7632                        FRONT MAIN BEARING  
G-7633                        INT MAIN BEARING    
G-7634                        CON ROD BEARING     
G-7637                        REAR MAIN BEARING   
G-7892                        CAM EXHAUST         
G-7893                        CAM INTAKE          
G-7894                        CAM LOBE            
G8326                         CAM EXHAUST         
G8328                         CAM INLET           
G8345                         CAM FUEL            
G-8345                        CAM LOBE            
G-8382                        CAM FUEL            
G-8416                        GASKET              
G-9845                        CAM LOBE            
GA-001-026                    LOCK WASHER         
GA-001-027                    WASHER PLAIN        
GA-002-009                    LOCKWASHER SPRING   
GA-002-011                    LOCKWASHER          
GA-002-013                    LOCKWASHER          
GA-002-014                    LOCKWASHER          
GA-002-018                    LOCKWASHER          
GA-002-076                    LOCKWASHER          
GB-001-008                    NUT SLOTTED         
GB-001-018                    CAPSCREW            
GB-001-041                    CAPSCREW            
GB-001-046                    CAPSCREW            
GB-001-047                    CAPSCREW            
GB-001-050                    SCREW HEX           
GB-001-051                    CAPSCREW            
GB-001-053                    CAPSCREW            
GB-001-082                    CAPSCREW            
GB-001-094                    CAPSCREW            
GB-001-095                    CAPSCREW HEX HEAD   
GB-001-096                    CAPSCREW            
GB-001-097                    CAPSCREW            
GB-001-098                    CAPSCREW            
GB-001-100                    CAPSCREW            
GB-001-106                    CAPSCREW            
GB-001-107                    CAPSCREW            
GB-001-114                    CAP SCREW           
GB-001-117                    CAPSCREW            
GB-001-118                    CAPSCREW HEX HEAD   
GB-001-119                    CAPSCREW            
GB-001-120                    CAPSCREW            
GB-001-121                    CAPSCREW            
GB-001-122                    CAPSCREW HEX HEAD   
GB-001-123                    CAPSCREW            
GB-001-138                    CAPSCREW            
GB-001-142                    CAPSCREW            
GB-001-143                    CAPSCREW            
GB-001-146                    CAPSCREW            
GB-002-053                    CAPSCREW            
GB-002-055                    CAPSCREW            
GB-011-004                    CAPSCREW SOCKET HEAD
GB-011-016                    CAPSCREW            
GB-011-018                    CAPSCREW            
GB-011-035                    CAPSCREW            
GB-011-069                    CAPSCREW            
GB-011-077                    CAPSCREW            
GB-011-089                    CAPSCREW            
GB-011-100                    CAPSCREW            
GB-011-110                    CAPSCREW            
GB-011-114                    CAPSCREW            
GB-011-117                    CAPSCREW            
GB-011-121                    CAPSCREW            
GB-032-114                    CAPSCREW            
GB-034-005                    NUT                 
GB-034-006                    NUT                 
GB-034-007                    NUT                 
GB-034-008                    NUT                 
GB-035-003                    NUT                 
GB-035-007                    NUT HOLD DOWN       
GB-035-028                    JAM NUT             
GB-035-032                    JAM NUT             
GB-035-051                    JAM NUT HEX HEAD    
GB-036-014                    CAPSCREW            
GB-036-036                    CAPSCREW GUIDE      
GB-036-038                    CAPSCREW            
GB-036-039                    CAPSCREW            
GB-036-046                    CAPSCREW            
GB-037-007                    NUT                 
GB-037-009                    CASTLE NUT          
GB-061-006                    NUT SLOTTED         
GB-079-096                    CAP SCREW, HEX. HEAD
GB-079-118                    CAPSCREW HEX HEAD   
GB-079-119                    EXH. CAP SCREW 5/8  
GB-079-129                    CAPSCREW            
GB-079-130                    CAPSCREW            
GB-080-090                    CAPSCREW            
GB-083-006                    NUT SLOTTED HEX     
GB-083-019                    NUT                 
GB-086-230                    CAPSCREW            
GB-094-019                    NUT ACRON           
GB-123-000                    NUT SLOTTED         
GC-001-060                    ROLL PIN            
GC-001-061                    ROLL PIN            
GC-001-140                    ROLL PIN            
GC-001-142                    ROLL PIN            
GC-001-143                    ROLL PIN            
GC-001-146                    ROLL PIN O/S TRIP   
GC-001-153                    ROLL PIN            
GC-001-182                    ROLL PIN            
GC-001-197                    ROLL PIN            
GC-001-202                    ROLL PIN            
GC-002-021                    PIN, COTTER         
GC-002-024                    COTTER PIN          
GC-002-055                    COTTER PIN          
GC-003-070                    PIN TAPER           
GC-003-099                    TAPER PIN           
GC-003-100                    PIN TAPER           
GC-019-031                    COTTER PIN          
GC-019-032                    COTTER PIN          
GC-022-055                    COTTER PIN          
GD-001-009                    KEY WOODRUFF        
GD-001-013                    KEY WOODRUFF        
GE-002-026                    SNAP RING           
GE-003-067                    RING                
HA-001-000                    INJECTOR ASSY       
HC-002-000                    FUEL INJ PUMP       
HD-001-000                    NOZZLE TIP          
HD-004-000                    TIP FUEL INJECTION  
HD-015-000                    INJECTOR            
JA-001-012                    SEAL CRANK CASE     
JA-033-000                    MULTI-SEAL          
JA-035-000                    MULTI SEAL          
JA-040-000                    SHEILD              
JA-043-000                    SEAL SHAFT          
JA-045-000                    COVER               
JA-048-000                    WIPER               
JA-054-000                    MULTI-SEAL          
JC-013-002                    PISTON RING SET     
JC-013-005                    PISTON RING SET     
JC-013-007                    RING SET PISTON     
JC-013-008                    PISTON RING SET     
JC-014-001                    PISTON RING SET     
JC-014-002                    PISTON RING SET     
JC-022-000                    RING A/S VALVE      
JC-033-001                    PISTON RING 0.030   
JC-039-001                    PISTON RING SET     
JC-039-002                    RING SET PISTON     
JE-003-000                    GASKET FLEXITALIC   
JE-007-000                    SEAL RING           
JE-012-000                    GASKET FLEXITALIC   
JE-023-000                    GASKET SPIRAL WOUND 
JE-024-000                    GASKET SPRIAL WOUND 
JE-031-000                    GASKET SPRIAL WOUND 
JE-033-000                    GASKET SPRIAL WOUND 
JF-003-000                    SEAL RING LINER     
JF-016-000                    O-RING              
JF-017-000                    O-RING OIL FILTER   
JF-019-000                    LINER SEAL          
JF-019-001                    LINER SEAL          
JF-019-002                    LINER SEAL Viton (R)    
JF-021-217                    O-RING              
JF-022-041                    O-RING              
JF-022-218                    O-RING Viton (R)        
JF-022-228                    O-RING              
JF-022-230                    O-RING Viton (R)        
JF-022-325                    O-RING              
JF-022-326                    O-RING              
JF-022-334                    O-RING              
JF-022-335                    O-RING              
JF-022-338                    O-RING Viton (R)        
JF-022-339                    O-RING              
JF-022-341                    O-RING Viton (R)        
JF-023-000                    O-RING              
JN-001-000                    ROTATOR             
KS-013-000                    VALVE BORING DEVICE 
M-1011                        TIMING GEAR         
M-1058                        GASKET CYL HEAD     
M-1059                        GASKET CYL HEAD     
M-1067                        SEAL WATER DIRECTOR 
M-1068                        GASKET CYL HD COVER 
M-1073                        STUD CYLINDER HEAD  
M-1082                        GEAR                
M-1087                        GEAR                
M-1155                        GASKET ELBOW EXHAUST
M-1156                        GASKET WATER ELBOW  
M-1226                        WASHER CYL NUT      
M-1713                        GASKET COVER        
M-2092                        PISTON RING SET     
M-2578                        SCREW ADJUSTING     
M-2993                        PISTON              
M-3013                        PISTON & PIN        
M-3144                        CYLINDER HEAD       
M-3938                        VALVE INTAKE        
M-3939                        VALVE EXHAUST       
M-4049                        SEE M-4172          
M-4172                        CYLINDER HEAD       
M-4210                        PISTON & PIN ASSY   
M-4309                        LINER CYLINDER      
M-4754                        BEARING SHELL       
M-4755                        BEARING SHELL       
M-4756                        MAIN BRG SHELL REAR 
M-4757                        BEARING SHELL       
M-4761                        CYL HEAD W/VALVES   
R-1031                        SEE R-3178          
R-1032                        SEE R-3182          
R-1034                        BRG SHELL CON ROD   
R-1108                        BRG SHELL CON ROD   
R-1110                        BRG SHELL CON ROD   
R-1112                        CYLINDER LINER      
R-1123                        VALVE GUIDE EXHAUST 
R-1242                        GASKET SET CYL HEAD 
R-1301                        LOCK RING BEARING   
R-1303                        BRG SHELL REAR MAIN 
R-1347                        BASE FUEL PUMP      
R-1437                        SHIM FUEL PUMP      
R-1438                        SHIM                
R-1439                        PIN ASSY            
R-1473                        SHIM                
R-1476                        GASKET              
R-1511                        RING RETAINER BRG   
R-1548                        O-RING CAMSFT SEAL  
R-1548                        SEALS               
R-1607                        VALVE EXHAUST       
R-1729                        GASKET              
R-1745                        GROMMET             
R-1752                        FLYWHEEL            
R-1973                        GAS VALVE INTAKE    
R-1976                        SPRING VALVE INNER  
R-1977                        SPRING              
R-1979                        RETAINER SPRING     
R-1983                        STUD MAIN BEARING   
R-1991                        NUT                 
R-2013                        CAM INLET           
R-2013                        CAM INLET           
R-2014                        CAM EXHAUST         
R-2015                        AIR INJ CAM         
R-2029                        CAP BEARING         
R-2030                        CAP BEARING         
R-2039                        CAP BEARING         
R-2040                        CAP BEARING         
R-2230                        SEAL, CYLINDER BLOCK
R-2320                        FUEL INJ LINE       
R-2322                        GASKET NOZZLE       
R-2331                        SEAL                
R-2395                        SPRING AIR START    
R-2502                        CONNECTING ROD      
R-2684                        GEAR OIL PUMP       
R-2736                        GASKET SET          
R-2785                        FUEL INJ CAM        
R-2798                        GEAR DRIVE FUEL PUMP
R-2817                        TUBE CYL HEAD       
R-2916                        BRG SHELL CON ROD   
R-2917                        BRG SHELL CON ROD   
R-2955                        SEAT                
R-3019                        PIN PISTON          
R-3023                        HOSE                
R-3031                        CYL HEAD REBUILT    
R-3057                        PLUG PISTON PIN     
R-3071                        CYLINDER HEAD       
R-3074                        HEAD STUDS          
R-3081                        CYLINDER LINER      
R-3083                        PISTON BARE         
R-3104                        VALVE GUIDE INT/EXH 
R-3105                        RETAINER VALVE      
R-3106                        RETAINER            
R-3107                        SPRING CYL HEAD     
R-3108                        SPRING CYL HEAD     
R-3109                        SPRING CYL HEAD     
R-3164-001                    ROLLER & SHAFT FUEL 
R-3164-002                    SHAFT ROLLER        
R-3165-002                    BUSHING             
R-3166-002                    BUSHING             
R-3168                        PLUG SEAL           
R-3171                        ROLLER              
R-3178                        BEARING SHELL       
R-3178.010                    MAIN BRG SHELL .010 
R-3182                        BEARING SHELL       
R-3182 .010                   MAIN BRG SHELL .010 
R-3193                        STUD                
R-3194                        NUT                 
R-3195                        BUSHING CON ROD     
R-3216                        DOWEL               
R-3220                        CUP EXHAUST         
R-3313                        BRG SHELL FRT MAIN  
R-3315                        BEARING SHELL       
R-3317                        BEARING SHELL REAR  
R-3319                        REAR THRUST BEARING 
R-3347                        GEAR                
R-3359                        GASKET MAINFOLD     
R-3406                        BEARING SHELL       
R-3418                        STUD                
R-3463                        TIMING GEAR BOX     
R-3464                        TIMING GEAR         
R-3499                        WASHER              
SB-001-000                    FILTER AIR SUPPLY   
SB-006-000                    AIR FILTER          
SC-009-002                    GASKET              
SC-011-002                    GASKET, H.P. FUEL   
SD-001-104                    ELEMENT OIL FILTER  
SD-004-102                    ELEMENT LUBE OIL    
SD-004-104                    ELEMENT FUEL FILTER 
SE-029-001                    ELEMENT STRAINER    
SH-008-001                    FILTER              
SH-038-001                    FILTER CARTRIDGE    
UB-006-002                    TACHOMETER          
X14D1-GP                      FLASHER 125V DC     
X23AC-1156P                   ALARM RELAY         
X2-X2-1003                    ALARM MODULE        
X2-X2-1030                    ALARM MODULE        

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