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Caterpillar 3606 Engine

Cylinder Block Only Available


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1984 Caterpillar 3606 marine propulsion engine SN# 8RB00002 Arrangement # 1W1006,  

1400 hp at 900 rpm , Turbo 7C9995, Governor OR-4106, Air Starter, 16 gauge panel disconnected,

Heat Exchanger, 57,000 lbs with current skid, 24’ long 7’ wide 11’ height


CAT 3606 Engine CAT 3606 Engine

Engine inspected recently and for sale as represented.  The ship came into port under power in December, after that the engine was removed.

Engine was rolled over 360 degrees and  side covers were opened. This CAT 3606 was overhauled in 3 phases in 2012with completion towards the end of 2012. by Oct 2013 that engine had run about 5500 hours on it since the overhaul.

 Note: Derated in 1988,  to 900 rpm rather than 1000 rpm.  Now has a corresponding lower HP (about 1400 HP)  will run a long time at this lower speed and output.  It is possible to reconfigure to 2250 HP, but will require a high speed turbo and possibly new high speed cams.


CAT 3606 Engine CAT 3606 Engine

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